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Teens who use technology more likely to suffer from depression

The ever growing rise in social networking and online gaming is causing a problem for many teenagers. They are suffering from depression, anxiety, sleeping problems and stomach aches.

According to Larry Rosen, a psychologist at Cal State Dominquez Hills there are many negative aspects to being online for too many hours. Rosen has been studying the effect of technology on people now for more than 25 years.

His recent studies into social networking will concern parents. He made the case at the American Psychological Assn’s annual convention in Washington at the weekend.

He said that not only will teenagers who use more technology suffer from stomach pains and depression, but they often missed more school time.

According to his report people who used Facebook constantly became more narcissistic. He added that regardless of age, the more people used the social networking platform, the more they developed an antisocial personality disorder. He said that people used alcohol more often and would suffer from anxiety and even paranoia.

Technology abuse is not just confined to the computer, as his report highlighted that teenagers sent out an average of 2,000 text messages each month. He said that this overwhelming level of information would cause problems with sleep and concentration. He said that one teenager who texted 100 messages a day developed carpal tunnel syndrome and was forced to use pain medication now.

If you are suffering from depression and know you are online too often, then perhaps a holiday in the sun away from the internet and texting might just help cure the ailment. Well, until you get back home anyway.

Kitguru says: Are you or your kids addicted to technology? Do you think this is a good thing?

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