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Twitter deny Anonymous hacked 55,000 accounts

Well known hacking group Anonymous claimed to have accessed and published the details of around 55,000 Twitter accounts. The company are denying their claims saying that Anonymous posted ‘duplicate' information and password information for suspended spam based accounts.

Anonymous posted a file on Pastebin which listed Twitter usernames and passwords. Airdemon.net, the hacking news aggregator reported the claims yesterday which raised concerns that Anonymous had successfully targeted the Twitter servers and breached thousands of accounts. Airdemon said that even some celebrity accounts were compromised and said they had first hand information from a Twitter insider regarding the supposed attack.

A Twitter representative spoke to Mashable saying that the claims were not accurate, however they are still investigating the claims.

Twitter said that many of the usernames and passwords are not linked to each other, and are therefore useless in the wrong hands.

Twitter are playing it safe and have sent out password reset information to accounts they feel may be affected and have encouraged other users to change their passwords and review security settings. There is more information on this page.

Kitguru says: Are Anonymous accurate in their claims?

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