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Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer to get $60 million+

Yahoo have said in a regulatory filing that the new CEO Marissa Mayer could be earning close to $60 million to turn the company around.

The giant salary includes stock options, equity grants, a payment for the Google shares she left behind and a one time $30 million ‘retention award’.

A board member spoke to Kara Swisher at AllThingsD saying the pay package was “big, big bucks’. The understatement of the year ,we think.

She will be paid $1 million, with an annual bonus of up to 200 percent of the base salary, which is $2 million. The employment letter apparently states that she could also get a 400 percent bonus, if she exceeds targets, which is $4 million.

She gets an equity award for 2012 of $12 million in stock and options which will vest over a period of 3 years. The retention award is vested over 5 years, $15 million in stock and $15 million in options.

She also gets the $14 million one time payment for leaving behind stock at Google.

Marissa Mayer - she certainly has the looks, and quite a lot of money too.

Mayer is known to be a talented tech mind, but she also is a powerful decision maker and great with product innovation.

Kitguru says: Whether she can change Yahoo’s fortunes has yet to be proven. They are certainly paying her one to try.

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