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Zuckerberg returns to Harvard to recruit students

He may be a multi billionaire but Mark Zuckerberg doesn't mind doing some grass level recruiting. He returned to Harvard yesterday since he left to form Facebook. He appeared to recruit students for internships at Facebook, according to a report that was posted on the Harvard Crimson. It was the first time he had returned since 2004 when he left for sunny California.

The appearance proved popular with the students, who were clearly thinking about their future plans and how they could make a career working with Facebook. One student, Michael Wong, told the Boston Globe “If you've seen the movie ‘Social Network,' you know that when Zuckerberg attended a talk by Bill Gates, it was a pivotal moment. This could be another iteration of that. The next Mark Zuckerberg could be in the audience.”

Harvard University seemed happy that he was back. Tania DeLuzuriaga, a spokeswoman for the university said “We're very happy to have him here. We've rolled out the red carpet, The excitement on campus is palpable.”

Kitguru says: Who would ever have thought that a student dropout would make himself a billionaire while creating a site visited by over 800 million people worldwide?

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