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P-MOB Electric car travels 20km on solar power

As the planet slowly runs out of resources, the move to other means of power is inevitable. P-MOB have created a tiny two seater car that is able to run completely on electricity, from clean sources. The P-MOB project is funded by the European Commission.

The P-MOB car can charge its battery to a usable level simply by using integrated solar cells. It is ideal for short distance runs on a daily basis, but will struggle to cope with a longer trip.

The car only weighs 600kg without the battery pack installed, using a kinetic energy system when braking. The company say it is 30 percent more aerodynamic than other cars in the same class.

The design is based around two motors and two differentials, one of which is assigned to each axle, giving it four wheel drive. The maximum speed is rated to 62 mph, more than fast enough for those short trips.

The car uses mono crystalline solar cells, managed by a self adapting control system which compensates for shadows falling on part of the photovoltaic panel, or for malfunctioning individual cells.

If needed, the battery can be charged by simple mains power and can supply excess solar power back to the grid, once its fully charged.

The car underwent some testing in Italy and managed to last 12 miles (20 km) using power generated by the solar cells alone. No plans have been released that this car will be commercially released.

You can read more about this, over here.

Kitguru says: The demand for solar powered devices will get stronger every year.

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