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US usurped by China in Q2: largest PC market

China has overtaken the US in Q2 to become the world’s largest market for PC computers. The US market is declining while the Chinese market is growing.

The International Data Corp released details earlier this week saying that 18.5 million units shipped in China, totaling $11.9 billion. This compares against 17.7 million units in the US, worth $11.7 billion.

China has claimed 22% of the global market, and the US is now resting at 21%. IDC however have added that they feel the US will remain the biggest market throughout 2011 as a whole, estimating sales of 73.5 million units, compared against 72.4 million in China.

IDC add however that 2012 could be the first year that China will outperform the US across the 12 months, detailing figures of 85.2 million against 76.6 million.

IDC Analyst Kitty Fok said that the 5 year plan in China “should help large enterprises in various infrastructure verticals to continue to move along, not to mention …  the ongoing efforts to increase consumer penetration in lower-tier cities.”

Kitguru says: Q2 shows the market potential in China, and we are sure it will continue to grow.

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