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Acer founder claims Microsoft Surface is an OS sales ploy

Microsoft's Surface tablet has been caused a huge ripple in the industry since Microsoft officially announced it a few days ago. Industry sources claim that many Microsoft hardware partners are annoyed at the hardware release, but Acer founder Stan Shih has a different take.

He spoke out to the press and said that Microsoft have no real intention to sell their Surface tablet PC's and they are merely promoting the product as a ploy to boost the adoption of their upcoming Windows 8.

There is no doubt that Microsoft are marketing their new Surface tablets as a key focus for the Windows 8 operating system but Shih is alone right now in saying that the hardware is merely a ploy to drive OS sales. Shih said that once the sales drive for Windows 8 is in full flow then Microsoft will not offer any more models.

Shih also said that Microsoft will make less money selling the hardware, then licensing their software products and that they are going to face many difficulties marketing tablet PCs on their own.

Kitguru says: It will be interesting to see how this pans out.

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