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DuPont sign agreement for large AMOLED TV displays

DuPont announced at the weekend that they have signed a deal with a leading Asian manufacturer of Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode display products (AMOLED). This agreement will allow the company to use the technology in the product of large AMOLED based television displays. The costs will be much lower than previously possible although details of the agreement have not been released.

David B Miller, the president of DuPont Electronics & Communications said in the press release “AMOLED televisions clearly represent the future. They are preferred by consumers for their superior performance, they are more energy efficient and the process technology we’re licensing allows them to be manufactured much more cost effectively, We look forward to helping make the promise of AMOLED television a commercial reality at a price point that is within reach for the mass consumer market.”

A Samsung 40 inch AMOLED TV prototype

AMOLED is one of the best current technologies for cutting edge image display, delivering high contrast, fast response images with vibrant colour rendition. They are also efficient, demanding less power at the socket. AMOLED displays have really only been used in smaller screen devices such as smartphones and some Media players.

William F. Feehery, global business director said “Over the last several years, DuPont has used its substantial resources as a market-driven science company to solve significant technical challenges associated with the cost-effective manufacture of AMOLED displays. As a result, DuPont has developed a unique manufacturing process and innovative materials tailored to work with it. By licensing display manufacturers to make AMOLED displays using DuPont process technology, we will also build a business selling proprietary DuPont OLED materials.”

Kitguru says: Reports show that the AMOLED television market is said to grow to over $5 billion by 2017.

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