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iPad Mini shipments outstrip 9.7 inch version

LG Display panel shipments for the full sized iPad dropped from six million units in December 2012 to 600,000 in January 2013.

Insiders are claiming that the drop is mainly due to the growing demand for the iPad Mini and that January is a slow month for panel shipments.

The 90% on month decline in shipments has hit LG hard in January however they are likely to see a bounce back in panel shipments for the 9.7 inch iPad during the second quarter as Apple will be releasing a new model in the coming months.

LG are documenting shipments of 3.5-4 million panels a month for the iPad Mini, taking up the majority of their 5 million shipments during January 2013.

WitsView, a well known research firm are claiming that 35% of Apple shipments in the first half of 2013 will be for the iPad, while 65% will be for the iPad Mini.

Kitguru says: iPad Mini selling like hot cakes.

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