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Notebook shipments to drop further in Q1

Sources in the Taipei channel spoke to me last night and the consensus is  that notebook shipments will drop in Q1 2013. The figures should drop around 11% sequentially with a global market share around 89%.

Digitimes have more detailed research on the matter than they claim “Of the first-quarter shipments, 16-inch and larger models will account for 5.5%, 15-inch for 39.9%, 14-inch for 34.6%, 13-inch for 11.1%, 12-inch for 2.7%, and sub-12-inch for 6.2%.

Among international vendors, Hewlett-Packard (HP) will account for 17.8% of the first-quarter shipments, followed by Lenovo's 15.4%, Dell's 12.4%, Acer's 12.0%, Asustek Computer's 10.3%, Apple's 9.0%, Toshiba's 7.7%, Sony's 4.3%, Samsung Electronics' 1.8%, and NEC's 1.0%.”

Some sources claim that notebook shipments were quite positive in Q4 2012 even though tablet sales have hurt laptop sales globally. Intel are due to release a new generation of Intel processors this year and many enthusiast users will be waiting for the next generation technology to hit market.

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