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AMD roadmap leaked: Trinity set for Q1 2012

An AMD roadmap has leaked on the 3DCenter forum which shows that Trinity, the replacement for Llano, could be released in Q1 2012.

According to the information, there will be four SKU's. Trinity is going to be based on AMD's new Piledriver core which originates from Bulldozer and will be the same core used in the FX series.

AMD have also developed a new FCH for Wichita and Krishna called Yuba which features two 6GBps SATA ports, two USB 3.0 ports, 3 PCI Express x1 lanes, 10 USB 2.0 ports – all managed by a SDHC controller. The roadmap also points  to a new Deccan platform launching sometime in Q2 2012.

AMD are also launching Hondo, in the ultra low power sector. This is a next gen Desna APU which drops power to 4.5W.

Kitguru says: None of this information is confirmed by AMD.

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