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AMD Strix Halo boards spotted in shipping manifests

AMD has been actively developing its Ryzen-based APUs built on Strix Halo technology, and it seems that the company is still testing the upcoming APUs. According to recent reports, several samples have been transferred between locations, and some were discovered during transit.

As per the manifests spotted by @harukaze5719, Strix Halo is also being tested with a 120W TDP, which could be the highest-end version of the chip. This suggests AMD Strix Point APUs might get a third TDP option, adding to the previously rumoured 55W to 70W options. Moreover, the manifests show that the boards with the 120W TDP chip had 32GB and 64GB RAM options.

The shipping documents do not specifically identify the Strix Halo chipset, but the FP11 socket, which is mentioned, is believed to be used by these upcoming APUs. The 120W TDP chips are most likely reserved for the top models, which are believed to have up to 16 Zen 5 cores and 40 RDNA 3.5 CUs. These models are expected to handle up to LPDDR5X-8000 memory via a 256-bit memory bus.

The leak with the Strix Halo specifications also suggests the chip would offer up to 60 TOPS via its built-in XDNA 2 AI engine and 32 MB of MALL memory. If earlier rumours are to be believed, Strix Halo chips will be released early next year.

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KitGuru says: Although 120W might look like a lot for a laptop APU, note that the integrated graphics unit in this chip is expected to be on par with an RTX 4060/4070 laptop GPU. 

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