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Silverstone makes the connection for enthusiasts

No matter how hard you try, it can be a right pain to get all of the cabling right when hooking up any set of kit. With all of the various options, cables are often too long or short or simply have connectors at the wrong angle. Has Silverstone tried to resolve this issue?  It seems so.

Taking more time off from designing highly desirable cases, Tony Ou and crew have been turning their attention to the issues of building the perfect system.

Not happy with making a brand new SATA cable that’s roughly the most useful length possible (in most cases), they’ve also given it 4 SATA connectors.

Finally, the connectors are mounted at right angles. Nice.

The result looks like this.

Silverstone CP06 isn't going to change the world, but it could help you make the right (angled) connections

KitGuru says: We’ll file this under the heading of ‘Every little helps’ and see what the UK resellers will charge for convenience. We’re being told ‘less than a fiver’, but we’ll see.

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