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Thermaltake launches GT version of Level 10 – lower price promised

The original Level 10 is widely regarded as one of the most stunning chassis of all time. Whatever your feelings about the thermals, weight and price – it stands alone as one of the most amazing designs ever. The only real issues were the ones we have listed. But price was one of the biggest. Thermaltake says that it’s now ready to launch a lower priced model. KitGuru went to investigate.

BMW make some fast cars. We’re thinking M3 and M5. It also makes some very affordable cars, like the 3-series coupe.

So here’s the thing. What if you want the look and feel of an M3, but only want to pay regular 3-series coupe money?

With the launch of the brand new Level 10 GT, Thermaltake is looking to answer that precise question. Taking BMW Design Works’ original concept forward, two big changes have been implemented that will result in a much more affordable product.

First, the engineers have selected a ‘carbon graphite’ style material for the construction. Moving from metal to synthetics, means a huge reduction in set-up and production costs.

Second, the new tower is physically smaller and, with the change in construction material, is significantly lighter. This also impacts production costs as well as packing/shipping charges.

So, what does the new chassis look like, when will it be available and how much will it cost?

The promo pic looks nice. We will try and bring you some close ups of the materials etc soon enough.

The case promises to accept even the deepest of thrusts from nVidia and AMD, with a whopping 37cm slot available for graphics [Thermaltake confirms Radeon 6990 is under 37cm ? – Ed].

Following on from the ubiquitous deployment of BlacX technology across its various ranges, it’s not much of a surprise that Thermaltake has created the Level 10 GT with 5 EasySwap drive bays – each with its own hot-plug tray.

Cable management has been given a high priority and, according to Thermaltake’s claims, you are in complete control of the fans and LEDs.

Connectivity has been sorted with the inclusion of double USB3 connectors on top.

Lastly, we have air-flow. Thermaltake has included something called QuadFan. Nope, we don’t know either. But we’ll ask.

KitGuru says: Overall, this is an interesting product, but we’ll need to understand more about the build quality, pricing and availability. From what we’ve seen, this case will probably be available in stores before CeBIT (March 2011) and with a price that’s a fraction of the original Level 10.

What do you think? What kind of action does Thermaltake have on its hands with the Level 10 GT – Turbo or Turkey?

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  • Stupido

    To me Level 10 was not something to be wowed… Unusual yes, but wow, no…
    The same for this one. But I hope will perform good

  • dlb

    I agree with “Stupido’s” comment: I’m not impressed with either the original L10 or this new GT model. So what. The important thing in a case to me is functionality: if it keeps my components safe, secure, and running cool, then it’s a great case. The aesthetic appearance is not a big deal. IMO, spending over $150US on a PC case is ridiculous (actually, over $80 is ridiculous to me personally, but I understand the “need” for the $150 or even $200 case). The L10 cases scream of “e-peen”.

  • I’m not really impressed with Level 10. It’s very expensive and you can’t even see your hard ware inside. It’ looks like a big game console for me than a PC.