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Thermaltake revisits the Level 10 design – again

At Computex 2012, Thermaltake will unveil a new iteration of the level 10 chassis, which it is calling the Level 10 Silver Limited Edition Gaming Chassis. Original. What does this launch mean and how many will be swayed to put their hands in their pockets? KitGuru hits the Taipei streets to find out.

Here's a tough question. If a company revisits an old design, then are they paying homage or saying ‘Nope, no new ideas'?

If you look at the Mini car, which the Brits decided to stop making in favour of the butt-ugly Mini Metro – then BMW's decision to bring back the initial design was hailed as a great move.

The same can be said for ‘Original Coke' and the BMW ‘Z' series.

With Thermaltake, we're not sure.

When the company first launched the Level 10 at around £550, there was a big worry with Thermaltake's senior management about whether the project would make money. They decided that if they could sell more than 1,000 units – it was ‘OK' – but 3,000 was the magic number.

Eventually, they managed to sell WAY more than 3,000 and the whole project was a great success – inspiring products like the new car-style mice etc.

For Computex 2012, Thermaltake's CEO Kenny Lin will announce that a limited edition run of 300 units will be made in silver [colour – not the precious metal! – Ed] for sale across the globe. Each one will be individually badged, so you know which of the 300 you have. Which is a nice touch.

Overall, we can't help thinking that Thermaltake's DesignWorks team needs to step back and create another classic design. One where price is no object, that focuses on creating excitement in the PC industry. Like a top fashion house announcing its latest collection. In short, Thermaltake needs to put ‘something very new and different' on the runway if it is to be considered a true innovator.

Artist's impression of the Limited Edition Silver Level 10


KitGuru says: If we were in charge of Thermaltake's DesignWorks team, then we would look to partner with Lotus, Porsche or Maserati for the next generation of chassis. Forget the cost. Build the dream.

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