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BenDover And Take It From O2

O2 Customers who are suspected of illegally sharing pornographic films made by “Ben Dover Productions” will shortly be receiving a letter from the film makers after they won a court order forcing O2 to release the details of 9,124 IP addresses linked to the illegal download of their movies.

After a lengthy court battle the film company won the case and also received approval on the content of the message. The first letters to be sent are requests seeking further information on the users actions and also explains how the user can negotiate a settlement.

The Ben Dover Production company said in a statement that they would focus its efforts of users who had uploaded films to others, and that parties who “simply downloaded one film would not be pursued”

A statement from O2 said: “We are pleased that the court has taken a robust approach and controlled the tone and content of the letter Golden Eye proposes to send to our customers. We are also pleased that the judge acknowledged the unique position we are in, and agreed that we have approached this issue in a reasonable way.”

Kitguru Says: Lets hope we find the letter before the wife

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