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my website .sucks!

In the land of the URL it’s all in the name so when we heard about a company applying for a new domain we had to investigate all in the name of journalism.

It may be a hard pill to swallow but news has recently arrived that Vox Populi Registry is just one of several top level domain providers who have already paid the $185,000 application fee to ICANN for the  .sucks domain.

The .sucks suffix, should ICANN approve it, is about creating “valuable dialogue”, not just about ripping off companies that want to protect their image, according to CEO John Berard.

The company expects big brands to embrace the new domain, but we feel that some corporations might find the lengthy URL a bit of a mouthful and would rather take things in to their own hands.

Kitguru Says: I don’t think we will be applying for one of these domains, but we can see haters and trolls all over this.

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