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OcUK makes serious price move on Antec chassis

Sometimes you get a serious bargain because a product is end of life. Other times because it has just launched. Then there are the times when neither of these conditions has been met – but the bargain is there none the less. KitGuru has come across an OcUK offer that's hard to ignore. With our sceptical specticals engaged, we click to investigate.

One of the UK market's greatest fears was realised when massive European-wide distributor Caseking, bought one of the UK's leading reseller brands, Overclockers.co.uk

The main concern was that prices could be trashed and everyone would have to ‘head for the mattresses' in preparation for a street-level war of attrition.

As it turns out, the price war never really happened and – from what we can tell – margins among the top resellers all remain healthy. On that basis, when you see a premium product at a bargain price – it's got to be worth a second look, cos the bargain is ‘real'.

Version 3 of the Antec P183 chassis isn't something we've had in the KitGuru Labs, but trusted sites like Hardware Cannucks have reviewed it and declared it ‘Dam Good' when it was over £110.

Today, while stocks last, it seems you can buy the same chassis for just £49.

Click the pic to visit the actual page. We have no idea how long this kind of deal will last. Surely not long.

KitGuru says: Smart Canadians said that this chassis was a “high quality enclosure, with an intelligent internal layout, good cooling performance and good cable management features” and who are we to argue. At just £49 it's definitely caught our eye.

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