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Evo Labs E-250 Case Review

The E-250 is supplied in a compact brown cardboard box which reflects the size of the case within.  The plain black livery features a large blueprint-style drawing of the case on the front of the box.

Turning the box around reveals an identical design on the reverse of the box, with a few details of the key features of the case listed on the sides.  The included bundle is fairly basic.  It consists of the screws required for installation, a couple of rubber grommets and four SATA cables.

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  • Eran

    That is a really nice little case for the price. my mate is looking for one, ive emailed him this link as he is a tightarse and doesnt like spending money on a case or a power supply

  • David SD

    some compromises obviously at this price but its quite good looking. certainly better than the thermaltake crap I have bought around £50 in the past.