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Evo Labs E-250 Case Review

Despite the budget nature of the E-250, the exterior of the case is fairly attractive.  Sure, there isn’t anything particularly interesting about the aesthetic design but it isn’t visually offensive like many budget offerings.

The case itself is constructed from a combination of plastic and steel.  The front panel of the case is formed entirely out of plastic and has a plain black design.

We find two USB2.0 ports on the front of the case next to the headphone and microphone jacks and the power and reset buttons.  It would be nice to see USB3.0 ports but this can’t be expected at this price level.

The top and sides of the case are devoid of vents, but there are two unpopulated fan vents in the front of the case to facilitate airflow.  Turning the case around reveals a 120 mm exhaust fan in the rear of the case alongside five expansion slots.  This means the case fully supports Micro-ATX motherboards with a little extra room to spare.

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  • Eran

    That is a really nice little case for the price. my mate is looking for one, ive emailed him this link as he is a tightarse and doesnt like spending money on a case or a power supply

  • David SD

    some compromises obviously at this price but its quite good looking. certainly better than the thermaltake crap I have bought around £50 in the past.