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Silverstone Sugo SG09 Case Review

First of all, the power supply was installed into the system.  There isn’t room for larger power supplies like the Silverstone Platimax 1000W in this case, however most standard sized ATX units like the Corsair GS800 will fit without issue.  There are a few different holes cut into the motherboard tray here and there which makes cable routing fairly simple.

The Gigabyte Z77IA-E53 mini-ITX motherboard was screwed down with the cooler and memory pre-installed.  There isn’t a huge amount of room available inside the chassis so this makes things a little easier.  There is plenty of room for large CPU coolers so cooling isn’t an issue.

Installing the graphics card is fairly simple although a small plate has to be removed on the back of the chassis before the expansion covers can be removed.  The graphics card can then be screwed into place.  There is plenty of room for long graphics card in the case, too.  In fact, there is enough room for every graphics card on the market.

Finally, the storage drives can be installed into place.  There is room for a maximum of two 3.5″ drives and four 2.5″ drives in the system.  These can all be screwed into the brackets located behind the motherboard tray.  This keeps things nice and tidy as there are no drive cables restricting air flow in the case.

As mentioned earlier, there is room for a slimline slot-load optical drive in the top of the case.  This will require a special adapter to connect up to standard SATA and SATA power connectors.

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  • Tom

    I actually had one of these and was so unhappy with it I sent it back.

  • Lance

    Not one of their best cases, I dont like it when they use a lot of plastics. They used to be such a high end manufacturer like Lian Li, but this thermaltake style stuff at this price doesnt do them any favours.