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Corsair Vengeance C70 Case Review (Military Green)

The first thing that will grab your attention are the fans mounted to the HDD cage. As explained earlier in the review, this is designed to pull air from the front vent, cool any storage devices, then exhaust the (slightly warmer) air towards any graphics cards being used in the system.

This could be particularly useful for providing additional cooling for Crossfire or SLI configurations.

It is also worth mentioning that Corsair have placed a little thought into fan mounting configuration. Corsair have the fan cables facing the motherboard tray, which made it much easier to route them out of eye sight.

The C70 also ships with three rubber grommets and a large cutout to hide and route cables.

Corsair have also added flat, latching clips in the right-hand side of the case that allow for cable management; these can store many cables underneath.

Storage drives can be installed quickly and easily. The Vengeance C70 uses a tool-less bracket system for mounting the drives.

These brackets feature a design that allows both 3.5″ and 2.5″ drives to be held in place, as the mount features 4 small holes that can be used for securing a solid state drive.

Standard 3.5″ hard drives are stored by side locking clips that can be found in each corner. Once the drives are in place, the mount is easily secured into place by sliding it back into the case, until it clicks into position.

Located above the drive caddy are 3x 5.25″ bays. Instead of the sliding plastic clips, Corsair have opted to use a small flexible strip of metal with two small rods on the inside, which are designed to ‘hook’ into the optical bay. This enables users to very quickly remove or secure an optical drive with minimal fuss.

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