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New Silverstone FT03 Mini – docs, dates and prices revealed

Following on from yesterday’s announcement by KitGuru that the brand new Silverstone FT03 Mini will be launching in May with a price tag of around £99, we’re now able to bring you some more detailed internal schematic information. Gurus everywhere pull out your magnifying glasses and prepare to want one.

It seems perfectly fitting that one of KitGuru’s favourite chassis would be getting a shrink – at the same time that some of our favourite ‘k’ processors are getting the same treatment from Intel in its FABs.


The drop in physical size, from Sandybridge to Ivy Bridge (and from FT03 to FT03 Mini) will both be significant. Silverstone has targeted a 50% reduction in its early designs and the engineering team seems to have delivered.

So what are the key features?   Under the heading of a picture being worth a thousand words, here’s a shot from Silverstone’s up-coming release documentation.

Beauty may only be skin deep with humans, but not so with a well designed chassis

So if you buy an FT03 Mini chassis, what about the other bits, like a suitable PSU or optical drive?

Sure, you have a choice - but it's nice to know you can get compatible bits from the OEM - if you need them

KitGuru says: While the Honda Civic Type R may not be the most gorgeous car in the world, it’s certainly the kind of thing that makes us smile. At the lights, it may well seem like the suburban housewife’s dream. But then you press the accelerator, hurtle toward 150 mph and smile with satisfaction as the rest of the normal cars disappear in your rear view mirror. Build yourself an overclocked Ivy Bridge system with a GTX680, inside the FT03 Mini chassis, and you’re likely to experience the same kind of knowing smile.

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