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TSMC prepares to create 4,500 high tech jobs

We’re not sure why TSMC likes to call its production facilities ‘GigaFabs’, but it does. The ground has now been ceremoniously broken for the expansion of GigaFab 14 and the race to open the new plant begins. KitGuru dons a protective helmet and adjusts its tool.

Fresh from the success of posting a 10% increase in revenues, it’s now ‘all guns blazing’ mode down at TSMC. While troubled Elpida is shipping 25nm product and Intel is doing deals with companies like Netronome for 22nm production, TSMC has its sights firmly set on being the worldwide leader for 20nm technology.

It’s backing up its ambition with the creation of a specific new GigaFab at the South Taiwan Science Park in Tainan.

TSMC is a great source of national pride in Taiwan

TSMC’s GigaFab 14 is already the world’s largest 12″ wafer production centre and the next 2 phases of the expansion could well double output. Increasing potential revenues from this part of TSMC from $6Bn to almost $12Bn.

Speaking at the ceremony, TSMC’s CEO and Founder, Dr Morris Chang said, “TSMC will continue to invest in Taiwan and fortify its trinity of strengths – technology leadership, manufacturing excellence, and customer trust. Our mission is to be the trusted technology and capacity provider of the global logic IC industry for years to come. In fulfilling this mission, we further solidify TSMC and Taiwan’s indispensable position in the world semiconductor industry. This groundbreaking for Fab 14, Phase 5 represents TSMC’s capability to develop leading-edge technology, build advanced capacity, and satisfy customer demand. It also lays the foundation for TSMC’s next wave of growth”.

Not content with simply being an amazing production company, TSMC is also aiming to be one of the greenest manufacturers in the world. New buildings will aim for ‘Gold Certification’ from the US LEED programme (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

The 20nm products that TSMC is aiming to become the leading producer for, will firmly target phones and other mobile devices.

The big question that remains for a market moving toward 20nm is whether it will go with the fully depleted silicon on insulator (FD-SOI) or 3D transistors or both. If we had a spy cam inside the world’s biggest and best FABs, then we might just be able to answer that one for you.

TSMC is determined to lead the way to 20nm, with Dr Morris Chang driving them forward

KitGuru says: When complete, TSMC will have a clean room space of more than 11 football pitches, which is 4 times bigger than a typical production plant for 12″ wafers. Nice.

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