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Special nVidia Edition of Thermaltake Level 10 GT

nVidia has always loved a bit of GT action. Going back as far as the original 6800 series SLi cards, the GT version was extremely popular. So, on that basis, is the new chassis from Thermaltake any surprise?  KitGuru sneaks in for a close-up.

While the original, BMW-designed Level 10 drew positive comments from almost every quarter, the reception for the Level 10 GT has been more mixed. That said, the metal-original was over £500 for the chassis alone, while the moulded-plastic enclosure of the new GT will only set you back just over £200 from stores like eBuyer.

So with the Level 10 GT almost certain to sail past the sales achieved by the original, what else can Thermaltake do to make the chassis more appealing to targeted segments of the market?   Well, at Computex 2011, a joint-venture with nVidia was revealed – which sees two new versions of the Level 10 GT being released – both with a strong nVidia flavour.

Your SLi-enabled 3D vision starts here - in your choice of white/green or green/black. Complete with headset holder and LEDs.

Building a LAN gaming rig into the Level 10 GT is straightforward and the integrated carry handle works well, when you need to transport the bulk of your hardware to a competition.

That said, these new chassis are driven more by pure design than any other single factor.

If you’re a hardcore nVidia lover and want ‘something seriously rugged’ to show off your GPU-juice, then these are worth checking out in your local store.

The last pic shows you the tech-spec.

nVidia version of the Level 10 GT is here

KitGuru says: Including a single switch that flips the whole chassis’ lighting from red to blue to green – at your command – was a smart move. Wonder how many gamers would buy the nVidia-version of the GT and use anything apart from green?  Not many, is our guess.

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