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Anonymous targeted: 32 arrested in Raids by Turkish police

High profile hackers Anonymous, who targeted Sony in recent months are under attack by Turkish authorities. Police have arrested 32 people allegedly connected to the group, according to a report by Anatolia, a Turkish news agency.

The suspects have apparently been taken into custody after a series of raids in properties across the Turkish provinces.

Anonymous have been in the limelight a lot recently after attacks on Sony’s Network and the Turkish telecommunications watchdog, BTK. They are also linked to attacks on Recep Tayyip Erdogan who is seeking re-election in the country.

Turkey authorities had a plan to initiate internet content filters from August 22nd and street protests were planned against it. Anonymous issued a statement about this.

“These acts of censorship are inexcusable. The internet is a platform for freedom, a place where anyone and everyone can come together, discuss topics, and share information, without the fear of government interference. We, Anonymous, will not stand by and let this go unnoticed. We will fight with the Turkish people against their government’s rain of censorship.”

These latest arrests follow on from the previous Spanish arrests, targeting 3 individuals in the country who were apparently associated with the hacking group. Anonymous are not ending their protests however, claiming that arrests will not halt their plans, as they have no leaders and operate from all over the world. They say “DDoSing is an act of peaceful protest on the Internet. The activity is no different than sitting peacefully in front of a shop denying entry. Just as is the case with traditional forms of protest.”

KitGuru says: Will this slow down the attacks on various authorities?

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