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Anonymous take down CIA website

World famous hacktivist group Anonymous have taken down the CIA website over the weekend due to an organised DDos attack. Anonymous also targeted the FBI recently and a CIA representative said “We are aware of the problems accessing our Web site, and are working to resolve them.” The website was …

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Anonymous targeted: 32 arrested in Raids by Turkish police

High profile hackers Anonymous, who targeted Sony in recent months are under attack by Turkish authorities. Police have arrested 32 people allegedly connected to the group, according to a report by Anatolia, a Turkish news agency. The suspects have apparently been taken into custody after a series of raids in …

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Anonymous strike out against Sony: websites get hit

Anonymous, renowned hacktivist group have announced a war against Sony, and they appear to have struck the first blow already. They announced on Sunday that Sony’s legal actions against hacker Geohot and their other corporate behaviours “have been deemed an unforgivable offense against free speech and internet freedom.” They have …

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Wikileaks app banned on Apple store: next on hack hitlist?

Apple are living dangerously, by recently banning the Wikileaks application from their store. Hacker group ‘Anonymous’ are currently targeting any company who are cutting support from Wikileaks, and we would expect Apple to be next on their hitlist. Apple have banned the iPhone and iPad application designed to give people …

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