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Anonymous take down CIA website

World famous hacktivist group Anonymous have taken down the CIA website over the weekend due to an organised DDos attack.

Anonymous also targeted the FBI recently and a CIA representative said “We are aware of the problems accessing our Web site, and are working to resolve them.” The website was restored on Saturday. Anonymous spent some time attacking police and government servers in Alabama, where they are said to have stolen private information on 46,000 Alabama residents.

Anonymous said they were able to get names, dates of birth, criminal records and even license plate numbers and social security numbers “because of your police being lazy when it comes to data security.” They added “This release is only meant to show the Citizens of the state of Alabama the amount of incompetence that is taking place within the state government…We mean no harm by releasing this redacted information. This data was not securely segregated from the Internet, nor was it properly encrypted.”

Kitguru says: Anonymous are targeting law enforcement and other government agencies on Fridays and there will probably be more attacks in the coming weeks.

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