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Wikileaks app banned on Apple store: next on hack hitlist?

Apple are living dangerously, by recently banning the Wikileaks application from their store. Hacker group ‘Anonymous' are currently targeting any company who are cutting support from Wikileaks, and we would expect Apple to be next on their hitlist.

Apple have banned the iPhone and iPad application designed to give people access to the wealth of leaked information which has been hitting the news in every country in recent weeks. Apple have removed the Wikileaks application because it has violated their developer guidelines.

“Apps must comply with all local laws and may not put an individual or targeted group in harm’s way,” said Apple.

Hacker group Anonymous have already attacked Visa, Mastercard, Paypal and Bank Of America for cutting support to Wikileaks on various levels, so there is a good chance that Apple might be painting a crosshair on their forehead.

As yet however, Wikileaks have yet to be charged for commiting any crime so it seems hard justice for all these companies to be cutting support for them.

KitGuru says: Is this fair or unjust? if you have a view, please let us know.

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