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Eminent EM7080 hdMEDIA RT & EM7095 DVB-T Review

Rating: 8.5.

In a living room or bedroom the pleasures of high definition entertainment are becoming adopted by a wider audience.

A large percentage of users however don’t want a full sized computer chassis taking up precious space next to their television. KitGuru has reviewed many products from A.C. Ryan but today we are looking at several products from another big player in this field.

Dutch company Eminent sent us two of their units for review today. The EM7080 hdMEDIA RT and the EM7095 DVB-T.

These players target slightly different audience sectors, but both offer 1080p high definition playback, with full support for a variety of image and video files, such as the MKV container and AVCHD H/X.264. We will have a look at each later in the review as well as the interface menu system.

Product EM7095 EM7080

-HD media player with PVR

– Built in DVB-T tuner

– Play movies and videos on your Full HD 1080P television

– Two USB ports for connecting your USB memory stick or external USB hard disk

– Media browser for pictures, video and music

– Supports SRT subtitles, with adjustable color and size

– Schedule recordings using the built-in EPG

– Supports Teletext

– File manager function to copy and delete media files on the connected

USB device

– Coaxial connection for digital audio output

– Stand alone HDMI 1.3 HD media player

– Play video formats like MKV, VC-1, AVCHD H/X.264 on your Full HD 1080P television

– Two USB host ports for connecting your USB memory stick or external USB hard disk

– Stream music or video from your network by Samba or UPnP

– Supports internal 3.5’ SATA harddisk up to 1.5 Terabyte or larger

– Built-in BitTorrent download client

– Optical output for Dolby AC3 & DTS

– Supports AC3 & DTS stereo downmix

– Supports Blu-Ray ISO files

– Connect to your network or via USB to your pc

– Easy installation

– 5-Year warranty

– Multilingual user manual

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  • Tech Head

    very slick, but I agree, the graphics look terrible.

  • Raymond

    IM really not that bothered about interface graphics to be honest, id rather get to the files faster. this hard drive capable player appeals to me.

  • Simon

    As I said in other reviews, until these companies sort out gigabit lan connections ive no interest. I want to use one as a NAS also, but 100mbit is too slow.

  • Terrance

    I like the media player, but I own SKY so no need for the other one. shame there isnt even a 500GB HD in the 80.

  • Smackey

    You can drop a 500GB drive into the em7080 with ease. Just read the review, it’s on page two. I like how it is smaller than the ryan device, and offers a lot more connectivity & warranty, and might try one in the next few months 🙂