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Eminent EM7080 hdMEDIA RT & EM7095 DVB-T Review

The bundle for the EM7095 is reasonable, although we were disappointed to note the omission of an HDMI cable and an antenna/aerial system. They include a manual, remote controller (with batteries), power adapter, scart converter and audio and video composite cables.

The remote is a smaller design than the one included with the EM7080 and the power adapter is all built into a single plug based unit.

The main focus of the EM7095 is as a DVB-T Tuner however it can play HD media from a USB drive which can be attached directly to the player. There is no built in networking with the EM7095 either. Interestingly, the appearance is completely different from the glossy EM7080 – this player is supplied with an anodised brushed metal finish.

On the side of the player, is a Coaxial connector, in front of two USB 2 ports. At the rear (from left to right) there is a DC power connector, Antenna in/out. Next to audio and composite connectors. Finally there is a HDMI 1.3 port.

In the UK, the player supports up to 50 free digital channels. It is not limited to this however as you can hook up a USB drive to play media files, such as MKV and H.264. There is an electronic program guide to see which programs are airing and to schedule recordings to an attached drive. This unit also supports teletext. The EM7095 is powered by the MStar chipset.

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