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Eminent EM7080 hdMEDIA RT & EM7095 DVB-T Review

The EM7095 interface is completely different to that experienced with the EM7080. Immediately jumping into a DVB-T scanning installation guide.

The layout and structure are also different to the EM7080 player as can be seen from the images above. All the icons are in a row along the top of the screen and are self explanatory.

The ‘tabs' are laid out to offer a variety of options for scanning and setting up video display output quality. Passwords and reset options are offered to lock out the device or to return it to shipping condition. Multiple languages can be selected for various countries also.

While there is no networking support built into the unit, it is possible to play and view media files when connected to an external USB drive. The software can also be updated from a USB drive, in a similar fashion to the EM7080 on the last page.

Just like the EM7080 player, we found that the EM7095 handled a variety of media files, including HD MKV container based videos. Our NTFS formatted external hard drive was also accessible by the player without the need for a FAT32 reformat.

The interface isn't quite as intuitive for playing video files as the EM7080 as you have to press the red button to switch from full screen to preview, rather than simply pressing ‘play' or ‘stop'. The overall interface might be rather spartan looking, but it is very responsive.

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