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Antec launches ‘The Cannon’ – an open air chassis with room for two liquid cooling loops

Antec has made some very interesting cases over the years, with some of its most interesting ideas appearing in high-end towers. This week, Antec is unveiling its latest elite-tier PC case, the Cannon, sporting an open-air design with plenty of room for high-end components and liquid cooling. 

The Cannon is a full-tower eATX chassis, using an aluminium alloy frame and an open air design, the case has high compatibility for high-end components. The Cannon measures in at 604 x 261 x 481 mm (DxWxH) and has space for two separate liquid cooling loops, so you can set up dedicated loops for your CPU and GPU for even better cooling performance.

The case has a couple of GPU mounting options, so you can mount it at the front of the case, or at the left side, so you can pick whichever is best for your needs based on aesthetics and any potential liquid cooling hardware you are installing. The case has panel edges and snap-inside panels, supporting up to three 360mm liquid cooling radiators simultaneously. The front supports up to 360mm radiators, as does the roof, while the rear of the case can house up to a 420mm radiator.

With M.2 SSDs becoming more common, there is less need to dedicate large portions of your case to housing SSDs or HDDs. With Antec's Cannon, you'll have room for two 2.5″ SSDs, or one 2.5″ SSD and one 3.5″ HDD. In terms of fan support, there is space for three 120mm fans in the front, six 120mm fans on the side as well as three 120/140mm fans in the rear of the case.

The Antec Cannon PC case will be available starting this month, priced at €495. Discuss on our Facebook page, HERE.

KitGuru Says: What do you all think of Antec's new high-end case? 

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