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Computex 2019: FSP showcases crazy modded PCs and new power supplies

Leo has been roaming around the Nangang convention halls for the last couple of days and during those travels, he was able to catch up with FSP and see what's new in the power supply world. We came to see power supplies but were promptly distracted by some of the incredible modded PCs on show, including one modelled after a Chinese garden and another system called the ‘best pork ramen store', which is as crazy as it sounds.

Watch on Vimeo below or on YouTube HERE.

Leo gives a good rundown of the modded PC builds in the video above but you can get a quick look in the gallery too. Each system is powered by an FSP power supply, just as you would expect. Most of the units on show today were from the new Dagger Pro range, which will hopefully be a marked improvement over the original Dagger series.

Moving on to power supplies, FSP is launching the Hydro GS series, which despite its name, doesn't have anything to do with water. It is a semi-passive PSU though with 80Plus Gold efficiency and modular cables. The Dagger Pro is also new and will take over from the original FSP Dagger series. We have been told that the Dagger Pro will be a big improvement during various tests compared to the original, which sounds like good news to us.

The FSP Twins series is more of a professional use-case unit. It is essentially two PSUs in one ATX chassis, combining a more convenient form factor with the safety net of redundancy, so if one PSU fails, a second one is already in place to pick up the slack.

The FSP FlexGURU is another interesting little PSU. The version we saw is 250W and doesn't come with a PCIe connection for graphics. However, a 500W version of this tiny power supply is coming and will have PCIe connectors to power a graphics card.

Finally, FSP is also releasing its own PC chassis. Right now it is just called the FSP CMT710 but hopefully a more glamorous name will appear closer to launch. This is a case built with modding in mind, delivering two tower compartments so you can separate your hardware or build two systems in one case- it is all open air too, with tempered glass windows and laser cut aluminium panels.

KitGuru Says: Lots of good stuff from FSP this year and the modded systems created around the CMT710 all looked fantastic. We are almost done with our Computex 2019 coverage now but there are still a few more bits to come, so stay tuned! 

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