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Computex 2019: Alphacool launches new liquid cooling gear, AIOs and embraces RGB

Computex 2019 is winding down so we used that quiet time to get a good look at Alphacool and all of the new liquid cooling gear coming out this year. Not only do we have new custom water cooling blocks but Leo got a good look at the new Alphacool Eisball and some new all-in-one liquid coolers. 

Watch on Vimeo below or on YouTube HERE.

One of the big themes this year is that Alphacool is now adopting RGB. This can be seen in a bunch of new products, including the new XPX Aurora CPU blocks, the Eisball reservoir/pump combo unit, the Eiswolf GPU all-in-one liquid cooler and the new Eisbaer CPU AIOs.

The new Eisball Digital is one of the most interesting bits of new kit. It is the first ball shaped reservoir/pump combo with a water capacity of 700ml. We are told that it is almost unbreakable thanks to the transparent nylon material being used, which is more stable compared to acrylic. Since this design also surrounds the pump in water, any vibrations or noises should be insulated for quiet operation.

There is another new set of hardware coming for custom liquid cooling enthusiasts. There are three new CPU blocks coming- the XPX Aurora, the XPX Aurora Pro and the XPX Aurora Edge. Each version is based on the Eisblock XPX and features a nickel plated copper plate, a patented ‘ramp' system to aid in cooling and is available in Chrome or Black. The key difference is that the standard XPX Aurora is smaller, making the Pro and Edge better suited to larger CPUs, like Intel's Core X series.

For those who don't want the hassle of custom water cooling, there are several new all-in-one liquid coolers coming. The Eisbaer Aurora and the Eisbaer Aurora LT are on the way, in sizes ranging from 120mm all the way up to 420mm. These are Alphacool's new CPU AIO coolers but there is also the Eiswolf GPX on the way, which is an all-in-one liquid cooler for graphics cards and comes with its own backplate, giving you everything you need to ditch air cooling on the GPU in one swoop.

KitGuru Says: We'll likely be taking a look at some of this new liquid cooling gear ourselves in the coming months. Leo seems particularly enthusiastic about the Eisball, so we'll look forward to testing. What do you guys think of the new range from Alphacool? 

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