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BitFenix Aurora Case Review


BitFenix Aurora is a mid-tower case that aims at the enthusiast market with support for custom loop watercooling and a number of options for lighting, including connection to the Asus Aura system. Both side panels are tempered glass, with the main panel being tinted and the rear being opaque in …

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Scientists still confused over Mars ‘protuberance’

If there's one thing we know about the universe at large, it's that it can always surprise us. Even close to home in-fact, as Mars, one of our solar system companions has been puzzling scientists for years, having protruded something from its atmosphere back in 2012 and nobody is quite sure …

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IE 6 targeting Aurora exploit is still kicking around

Despite it being over two years since the original Internet Explorer 6 Aurora exploit was discovered, Microsoft notified and patches issued, new exploits using the very same vulnerability are being discovered, which of course isn't Microsoft's fault, it's the fault of all those IT managers that haven't updated their company's …

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Star Citizen clears nine million dollars

Star Citizen, the biggest gaming crowd funding success story, has now tipped the scales at over $9 million (£5.8 million). However only a small portion of that came from Kickstarter, the rest has slowly ticked up on the official site, half making you wonder if Kickstarter is even necessary any …

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