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Computex: Lian Li shows new prototype cases and all new PC desk

The folks over at Lian Li were rather busy at Computex this year, with some new all-in-one liquid coolers and a slew of new cases, some of which are in progress prototypes. Beyond that, the latest Lian-Li Desk chassis was also on show, just in case any of you fancy putting your PC build inside of your desk.

For starters, Lian Li showed off its new Alpha 330 and Alpha 550 budget cases. These are being manufactured in Taiwan and are primarily made of steel and plastic, rather than aluminium. Both are mid-tower chassis with tempered glass panels at the front and side.

We also spotted the Lian Li PC-O11WGX and PC-O10WX, which cumbersome names aside, are both very nice. The former is a mid-tower chassis while the latter is a smaller and better suited to mATX and ITX. Both are clearly built to be hardware showcases, with large tempered glass windows and lots of room to hide cables. The PC-V3000, is a massive tower case with extra room for cooling, long GPUs etc.

Some of my favourite PC mods over the years have been desk mods. Fortunately, Lian Li has been making it easier for people to put together a desk build themselves with products like the DK-05. This is a large desk with a glass top. You build your PC inside, throw in some liquid cooling and you're good to go. This particular version of the desk is also motorised, so you can adjust the height as you see fit, whether you want to sit down or stand for a bit.

Finally, we also spotted some rebadged 240mm AIO liquid coolers. There weren't many details on this but it looks nice enough.

KitGuru Says: Lian Li always make some good looking cases but I must say, I would love to put together a build with one of those desks.

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