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Lian Li shows off new cases, next-gen UNI Fans and prototype AIO cooler at Digital Expo 2.0

Back in February, Lian Li brought back its annual Digital Expo for 2022, unveiling new prototypes and upcoming products. Now, Lian Li has gone live with its Summer update, bringing us new looks at upcoming cases, next-generation UNI fans and a new Lian-Li AIO liquid cooler. 

Starting off with the Lancool 216, this mid-tower features a rotatable I/O shield to enable different layouts for cooling. You can install the motherboard at a higher position for extra room for vertical GPUs and large CPU air coolers, or you can lower the motherboard and kit your case out with liquid cooling with support for thicker radiators.

Lian Li also unveiled the new DAN Cases A3 m-ATX chassis, delivering just under 20L in volume, support for up to a 360mm liquid cooling radiator. The case features a reversible frame for the option of choosing a left or right orientation. Depending on your configuration, the A3 m-ATX is capable of supporting SFX and ATX PSUs, 4 slot GPUs of up to 380mm in length (horizontal or vertical), up to a 360 All-In-One liquid cooler radiator or a 158mm tall CPU cooling tower, and two 2.5” SSDs.

The final case revealed is the O11D EVO XL, updated with features such as reversible design, multiple I/O module mounting points, and upright GPU support. The O11D EVO XL has a modular rear panel with a removable motherboard tray that combines the I/O shield and expansion slot, eliminating the need to relocate the motherboard standoffs when moving the motherboard up or down. This motherboard tray can be adjusted to 3 different positions, providing better flexibility for custom water-cooling configurations while maintaining E-ATX support. With the extra room, the O11D EVO XL offers the possibility for extreme cooling and hardware configurations with support for up to 3 x 420mm radiators.

The next three announcements are all cooling related. For starters, we have the new generation UNI Fans, including the SL120 and SL140 V2, the AL120 V2 and the new AL140. With a thicker frame at 28mm, the SL120 V2 and AL120 V2 deliver better thermal performance with an increase in airflow, static pressure, and even a lower noise level at similar or higher speeds than the original version. The UNI FAN SL120/140 V2 lighting has been updated to provide a smoother finish along the edges and a smaller gap between the diffuser when interlocked (from 2.8mm to 1.5mm).

The UNI FAN P28 has also been updated with new Silent Edition and Performance Edition models. The P28 Silent is a 120mm PWM fan with speeds of up to 1900 RPM and noise levels of 27.5 dBA, 3.04 mm H2O of air pressure, and 59.97 CFM of airflow. The P28 Performance is a 120mm PWM fan with speeds of up to 2300 RPM, a maximum of 33 dBA, 3.86mm H2O, and 71.27 CFM. With faster speeds and static pressure, the P28 Performance is optimised for radiators.

Finally, Lian Li has also begun building its own AIO liquid cooler, 100% designed in-house. The new 360mm AIO prototype comes with a 32mm thick x 130mm wide radiator, and is paired with performance-optimized 28mm thick fans. The unique pump block offers ARGB lighting and is compatible with other accessories, so you can further customise the look of your build.

We don't have pricing or launch dates for everything here just yet, but we should get more information in the months ahead. You can get a closer look at all of the prototypes in Lian Li's Digital Expo 2.0 video series, HERE.

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KitGuru Says: What do you all think of Lian Li's new prototypes? That new AIO liquid cooler will be interesting to see once it is all finished and ready for market. 

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