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PSVR2 cable will be detachable – and that’s a big deal

Sony’s upcoming PlayStation VR2 headset remains oddly elusive, with the hardware maker slowly but surely drip-feeding information on the next-generation headset. This latest nugget of information is small yet significant as according to insiders, the PSVR 2 headset will utilise a detachable cable.

In the latest episode of the PSVR without Parole Gamecast, industry insider Bryan Paul claimed that the upcoming VR headset will come with a detachable cable. Why this is a major deal is because should the cable break, fray, or get chewed by your pet, you will no longer need to send in the entire headset for replacement.

Another benefit is the fact that this means you should be able to purchase longer and shorter cables to suit your needs, instead of the single-length solution of the original PSVR. Finally, in theory, the detachability of the cable means that Sony could make a wireless adapter for the headset – That’s unlikely to happen however.

Still, whichever way you slice it, offering a detachable cable with the PSVR 2 is a further feather in its cap of conveniences which in combination make for what is quickly becoming a highly exciting piece of hardware. Hopefully we see more officially from the headset soon.

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