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Sony has managed to sell 1 million PSVR headsets


It looks like Sony’s efforts to bring virtual reality to consoles has been paying off as more than one million PlayStation VR headsets have been sold since launch back in October, despite the lack of big game launches outside of Farpoint and Resident Evil VII. The new milestone was reached …

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The PSVR can work with any HDMI input, in 2D


With the PlayStation VR headset now out in the wild, it didn’t take long for people to start trying to make it do things it’s not designed for: like playing content on the PC. However surprisingly enough, it works rather well, giving you a giant, floating 2D TV to play on. …

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PlayStation VR to release in Autumn

Sony is set to bring Virtual Reality to consoles this year with the launch of PlayStation VR and while Sony has been pretty tight-lipped on things like pricing and a release date, GameStop’s CEO, Paul Raines has jumped the gun and said that the PS4 headset will be launching in …

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Nintendo is also looking in to VR

If you have been following VR development over the years, then you may know that back in the 90’s Nintendo tried to bring virtual reality to the masses with the Virtual Boy. The console didn’t take off and things on the VR front went quiet for many years. However, the …

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