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PlayStation VR2 will not support original PSVR games

Over the last generation, Sony leveraged its development partnerships to secure some excellent VR titles for PlayStation VR. Unfortunately, those games will not be compatible with the upcoming PS VR2, Sony has confirmed this week. 

To cap off the week, Sony has announced that PSVR titles will not be compatible with the PS VR2. Apparently, this is because the PS VR2 is “designed to deliver a truly next-generation VR experience”.

The reasoning is odd, as we’ve seen VR titles supporting multiple headsets with different tracking types and different input devices for years. Perhaps this is a case of developers needing to update their games to support the new controller method.

This news was confirmed on the Official PlayStation Podcast, during which the hosts explained that the PS VR2 ships with all-new controllers with new haptic feedback features, inside-out tracking, eye-tracking and more. Essentially, developers will be able to do a lot more with the new headset.

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KitGuru Says: PS VR2 not supporting original PSVR titles is a huge blow in my opinion. This approach also isn’t going to build any goodwill with original PSVR owners looking to upgrade. Now if those customers want to still access their original PSVR games, they’ll need to keep an entirely separate headset handy. 

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