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PlayStation VR2 is launching in early 2023

Sony has been sporadically dropping details about the PlayStation VR2 all year long. In a surprise move, at 11PM last night, Sony announced that PlayStation VR2 is launching in early 2023. 

Sony announced that it was working on PlayStation VR2 at the start of the year, and then shared specs and features in the following months. At one point, it seemed that the headset may make its way out this year, but Sony has decided to hold off until Q1, putting the launch somewhere between January and March.

The PlayStation VR2 is built to take full advantage of the PS5. It is still a wired headset, but you get a 4K/HDR display with 90Hz and 120Hz modes for ultra-sharp visuals and smooth gameplay, and Sony has designed new VR controllers from the ground up. The new headset also uses inside-out tracking, so no need for additional sensors, and the headset will also utilise Tobii eye-tracking technology to further enhance the VR experience.

We still don't have a price yet, but the PlayStation VR2 will have a solid line-up of titles at launch, many of which were announced this summer, like Horizon: Call of the Mountain, Resident Evil Village and The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners Chapter 2.

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KitGuru Says: Sony is jumping into VR much earlier this console generation. Hopefully that means we can expect big new games each year. 

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