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Ubisoft will delete your account and games if you forget to sign in for too long

The age of digital gaming has brought along plenty of benefits, mainly quicker access to new games as well as saving space in the home. However, it also means that in many cases, we are beholden to the digital platform provider and their terms of service. Ubisoft recently confirmed that it will delete user accounts, as well as their purchased games if a user doesn't log in for a period of time. 

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Over 35 games and apps already support DLSS 3

Last night alongside the new RTX 4090 and RTX 4080 graphics cards, Nvidia also announced DLSS 3, the next big evolution of its AI-driven, performance-enhancing technology. Continuing on from the success of DLSS 2.0, it seems that DLSS 3 already has quite a bit of industry support, with over 35 …

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Nintendo has sold over 111 million Switch consoles

Nintendo's quarterly earnings call took place this week, bringing updates on all things Switch-related. At this point, over 111 million Switch consoles have been sold, but sales for the quarter are down year-on-year. Still, while hardware sales may have dipped, software sales remain strong.  Nintendo is having a quietly having …

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Netflix’s gaming efforts will focus on mobile at first

Over the last six months, multiple sources have claimed that Netflix is working towards offering games as part of its streaming package. This was essentially confirmed earlier this month, after the hiring of a prominent gaming veteran to oversee development. Last night, Netflix confirmed its gaming plans, although it will …

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