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Official PlayStation VR2 sales figures finally revealed

Sony’s PlayStation VR2 launched in late February to high praise across the board with many deeming it to be the best virtual reality headset available. Unfortunately, the headset has had somewhat of a slow start, with leakers reporting that Sony had cut the hardware’s production by 20%. That said, we now finally have official figures on how the headset is performing, with Sony revealing that PSVR2 is currently outpacing its 1st-gen predecessor.

Making the announcement as part of its most recent fiscal earnings report, Sony revealed that PlayStation VR2 has so far had a strong launch, with the second-generation headset outperforming the first PSVR by a notable amount.

In its first 6 weeks on sale, the PlayStation VR2 managed to shift a total of 600,000 units, putting it 8% ahead of the first-gen headset during the same period. While an 8% increase may not sound like much, it is worth noting that the PlayStation VR2 only just came to retailers earlier this month – with the headset previously only being purchasable through Sony’s own ‘Direct’ online storefront.

With the PSVR2 finally out and available in the wild, it will be interesting to see how the headset performs over the next couple months – especially if today’s upcoming PlayStation Showcase includes some banger PSVR2 titles. We will have to wait and see.

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