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Forspoken gets second major update with gameplay and story improvements

Forspoken had an unfortunate launch period. Released back in late January the open-world action-adventure title received quite a bit of criticism from fans and reviewers alike due to a multitude of reasons. Since then, the team at Luminous Productions have released some rather substantial updates, with the latest patch bringing with it new parkour moves, improved story pacing and more.

Making the announcement on the Square Enix blog, Takeshi Aramaki, the Director of Forspoken officially unveiled the update, saying:

“Ahead of Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust which releases in just a few days, we’ve dropped a new update for Forspoken today. This update, version 1.20, enhances playability and introduces some new gameplay content.”

The full list of changes can be found HERE, but some of the most substantial changes and additions include:

  • Tanta’s familiars will follow Frey out in the field and help with finding resources and mana
  • A new consumable called a Stormshard which will summon tough Giant Nightmares to fight
  • New ‘Very Hard’ difficulty mode
  • Frey can now perform a quick midair jump
  • New ‘Cuff Crush’ move
  • New consumable the ‘Revivifier’ which will resuscitate Frey when she runs out of health
  • The Curiosity Shop has now been added as a fast travel destination
  • Various adjustments to the banter between Frey and Cuff making it feel more natural
  • Improved the pacing for the earlier chapters by trimming transitions, shortening fades, and reducing the amount of time control was taken away from the player
  • Toggle for custom camera controls
  • Added the option to switch spells by pressing instead of holding a button

The dedication to updating Forspoken in this manner is impressive, and while it is a shame that  the game launched in the state that it did, hopefully by the time support for the title concludes it will be the game Luminous Productions hoped it would be.

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