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NZXT Tempest 410 Elite Review

The Tempest 410 Elite features a large clear acrylic side panel window, to highlight the finished build.  NZXT have placed protective sheets of plastic on both sides of the window to make sure it arrives without any undesired scratches.

The opposite side panel is just a standard one piece design with no additional areas configured for ventilation.

As we examine the front of the new Tempest we have 3 x 5.25″ Drive bays for optical drives and accessories at the top, and the lower portion features 2 removable 120mm fans that are positioned in front of the hard drive bays. The front of the 2 x 120mm fans are covered with large honeycomb steel mesh to provide optimal airflow.

The beauty of these fans is the fact that we don't have to mess with any wires. NZXT have designed the fans to make contact between themselves and a contact plate on the inside of the case. Once the fan is placed into the appropriate position the two contacts meet and complete the circuit required to power up the fans.

The top panel is covered with large honeycomb steel mesh, and the rear portion is removable to access the area designed to mount a radiator for a water cooling setup. This is also where we can mount 1 or 2 additional exhaust fans depending on cooling requirements.

The front portion of the top panel has an area that can store a few small items and is designed to route and secure long headphone cables if we use the front audio jacks.

The base of the Tempest 410 Elite is pretty much a standard format.  There are 4 hard rubber feet to elevate the case off the floor, and vented areas below where the PSU mounts. There is also a ventilated area where an additional 120mm intake fan can be mounted.

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