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NZXT Tempest 410 Elite Review

The interior of the Tempest 410 Elite is painted entirely black to match the exterior.  It seems like the majority of case manufacturers, have opted to remain with an all black design.  NZXT provide a large cutout area for installing aftermarket coolers that require the use of a backplate. In the second image we can see the rear mounted 120mm fan as well as the 7 expansion slots and the area cutout to bottom mount a power supply.

There are 8 internal hard drive bays in the Tempest 410 Elite.  This particular model has the drive cage turned so that the bays can be accessed from the front of the case after removing one or both of the 120 fans from the front panel.

While this layout was designed with optimal airflow in mind, in our opinion it also has negative qualities.  With the cage orientated as it is we will potentially have to sacrifice a couple drive bays if we use a full size graphics card.  This layout also makes hiding the cables that connect to our hard drives more difficult. The picture above-right shows all of the cables that attach to the motherboard and supply power to: On/Off, Reset, HD LED, USB/USB 2.0/USB 3.0, and either AC97 or HD audio.

The 5.25″ drive bays use the same tool free method as they used in the Phantom.  The procedure is as follows; we depress the portion of the mounting device that is rippled which unlocks the mechanism. Then after we insert our optical drive into the available bay we depress the tab to lock the drive in place.

The hard drive bays each have a removable black plastic drive caddy.  The drive simply fits into the caddy which then just slides in place and we are good to go.

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