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Xigmatek Gigas surrounded by Playboy Playmates

This whole industry is based on innovation. Like the man said, it’s not the most intelligent creature that wins – it’s the more adaptable. Having been inundated with images from the show, some of the most interesting came from Xigmatek. Let’s see what the company’s design and marketing guru, Tony Sahin, has been up to and what kind of company he has been keeping.

The Elysium chassis that we took apart in July was, without doubt, the best chassis that Xigmatek has made to date. When that happens, there are two ways a company can go. Most likely? Rest on their laurels, put the feet up and wait for everyone to realise that you were right all along. Alternatively, you can bang in a series of new and unusual designs.

Xigmatek has gone with option two. In a big way.

We’re going to start with the Gigas and it’s a bit of a monster. Aluminium chassis, designed to offer significant internal space, in a size/shape format that’s unlike anything else. It’s deep. It’s wide. It’s not short, but it also isn’t tall.

According to Tony, airflow and cooling were big on the company’s list of desirable attributes – for example the ability to accommodate a pair of the biggest graphic cards around and keep them chilled enough to deliver.

There’s not a lot else we can add.

Here’s the chassis itself, draped in a mixture of Tony Sahin and Playboy Playmates. Which do you find more appealing?  We're in no doubt.

First, the Xigmatek Gigas was draped with a Tony Sahin model - to highlight its rugged build


We then tried the same chassis with a pair of Playboy Playmates. Horrible - right?


Here's the classic POV shot up the Xigmatek's fill length. You almost expect apes to gather and touch it.


Sideways glance across the brushed aluminium finish


Intimate internal shot. Looks all space-aged and scientific, but will it allow the air to flow?

KitGuru says: With or without Playboy Playmates attached, this looks great. Even though this is an engineering sample, it's already solid and polished. Will it be easy to work with and quiet enough for KitGuru readers?  Now THAT's a question we will be answering soon enough.

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