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Asus E35M1-I Deluxe Fusion Mobo & Thermaltake Armor A30 Review

The Asus bios is fully featured and is significantly better than other Fusion board we have tested. Also, the mouse can be used for navigation.

This board is also more receptive to overclocking that the other Fusion boards we have tested. We managed to hit a wall at 1.9ghz (from 1.6ghz) which equates to almost a 20% overclock. Stability was improved by increasing the core voltage on the CPU by 0.1.

CPUz and GPUz are due to get updates shortly to correctly read some of the hardware aspects of this platform.

The newest Catalyst Control Center offers a wide range of settings – especially those for a demanding video enthusiast. We are really looking forward to testing similar Fusion hardware running within the mobile space.

The Asus software disc contains all the chipset, GPU, Bluetooth, Audio and connectivity drivers needed, with a special focus on Norton Internet Security 2011.

In our overclocked state, the Windows Performance Index rates the system at 4.1, limited by the processor. A surprisingly good set of results however.

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