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NZXT Phantom prize winners announced

It seems a lot of people really wanted a shiny new NZXT Phantom case and Bunker, it was a very popular competition and we had thousands of entries on the forums to create a slogan for NZXT.

It took our team 48 hours to pick two winners from a shortlist of our favourite entries.

Our final shortlist contained a good diversity of slogan styles, from witty to funny, and some which NZXT should actually think about adopting !

They were:

Sahara mafia
nzxt – express yourself
nzxt – lots more room for tech porn
nzxt – the future is in our hands

‘NZXT – Lady Gaga’s Venture into technology’

NZXT – the armor of choice

NZXT: It’s What The Cool Kids Use

NZXT – Where functionality meets design
NZXT – Game in style
NZXT – Resistance is futile

NZXT – makes your hardware shiver.

NZXT: Craftsmanship that makes the Taj Mahal jealous
NZXT: Our products, your joy
Products so Good, Crysis wished it could run NZXT!
Oxford Dictionary: Quality(n) – NZXT
NZXT: Underpriced but Overpowered.
NZXT: C’mon admit it, you know you want it.
NZXT + You = A Royal Wedding!

NZXT – Be Inspired

NZXT – boxes. to put computer bits in.

NZXT – Make your friends jealous.

NZXT- More Than Just A Case

NZXT – Love at First Sight
When Life gives you lemons, you make lemonade, when life gives you NZXT, you PWN.

NZXT – Each Chassis a masterpiece

NZXT – it’s a sin not to have one

Our team behind the scenes voted for

First Prize:

procupine14 NZXT‘makes your hardware shiver’

Second Prize:

HypoGXII NZXT‘Love at First Sight’

I also really liked Flamereapers entryLady Gaga’s Venture into technology’ so I am going to send him a code for Shogun 2.

Thanks again for everyone who entered, don’t be too depressed if you didn’t win, we have competitions running right now to win an AMD HD6990 and an Asus GTX580 Direct CU II graphics card !

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